FictFact - Keep track of your book series.

Do you read books series? Can't keep track of what book you should read next? With FictFact keeping track of the books you should be reading has never been easier.

About Us

In 2009 Christine Kirsten one of the co-founders of FictFact had a problem. Christine loves reading serial fiction, but she couldn't find an easy way to keep track of what books she should be reading. Along with her husband Brian, they developed FictFact a tool for keeping track of books and the authors that write them.

Why should you register?

FictFact will keep track of the books you're reading and give you a list of the books you need to read next. You'll be able to find users with similar tastes, tag books and series, and get recommendations on other book series. We'll even email you the week books you're following come out.

It's about stories not ISBNs

Whether a story is in it's own book, collected in an anthology, or even written on the back of a napkin FictFact wants you to easily read and keep track of it. You shouldn't have to worry about ISBNs or book covers and we'll never make you worry about them.


  • Christine Kirsten Co-founder & CEO

    Christine has a passion for reading that borderlines in obsession, plain and simple.
  • Brian Kirsten Co-founder & CTO

    Brian is an entrepreneur, software engineer, writer and publisher. He loves writing software, and when he has the time reads science fiction and mystery.
  • Richard Ehring Community Manager

    With over 25 years of QA & Engineering experience, if you've got an issue Richard is the man to solve it.

Folks we'd like to Thank

FictFact wouldn't exist if not for the support of our family and friends. We'd also like to thank Brad Foley, Brian Wente, Alden O'Connor, and Simon Yohe for their support.