Passport to Peril (2009)

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ISBN: 0857683519
ISBN-13: 9780857683519
Published: 2009
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THE REDISCOVERED PULP CLASSIC! Decades before Robert Brown Parker began writing his books about Spenser, a man named Robert Bogardus Parker (1905-1955) penned this extraordinary novel of post-war intrigue. From the corridors and compartments of the Orient Express to the shadowy, ruined streets of Budapest � which he saw firsthand as a foreign correspondent during World War II � Parker takes you on a nightmare tour of a land where life is cheap, old hatreds run strong, and a couple of Americans can find themselves in more danger than they ever imagined. With all the immediacy of the wartime dispatches Parker filed from Turkey, Danzig, Warsaw, and Bucharest and all the authority of a man who himself spent three years crossing borders without a passport and narrowly avoiding arrest by the Gestapo, PASSPORT TO PERIL paints a heart-stopping picture of desperate men in a desperate time.
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