Uncle John's Slightly Irregular Bathroom Reader

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ISBN: 1592232701
ISBN-13: 9781592232703
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Where else can people find out about celebrity museums, where Hitler's nephew lived in New York, or how to do an authentic rain dance? In Uncle John's Slightly Irregular Bathroom Reader, of course! Aimed at the legions of literate bathroom lingerers, this toilet tome is filled with pop culture, forgotten history, strange lawsuits, weird news, and unknown origins of all sorts of things from voodoo to anime. Savvy, edifying, intriguing, and irregular trivia - bathroom brains are now occupied. From reality TV shows that almost were (contestants run a cross-country relay race, only they don't hand off a baton - they hand off a monkey!) to kung fu stories (European explorer Ferdinand Magellan died from a head wound after arrogantly drawing his sword on a Filipino man carrying a stick - who happened to be a Kung Fu master!), Uncle John's corners the market on entertainment that's fun and educational for that downtime that would otherwise be wasted.
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