Uncle John's Endlessly Engrossing Bathroom Reader (2009)

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ISBN: 1607100363
ISBN-13: 9781607100362
Published: 2009
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The all-new 22nd edition in the ever-absorbing Uncle John�s Bathroom Reader series is sure to satisfy readers with more than 500 pages of humor, history, science, pop culture, and more. Flush with facts, the book is divided into short, medium, and long sections, making it ideal for brief visits or extended stays. History junkies can get their fix with the stories of the world�s first detective (he was a criminal turned cop), the great social experiments of the 20th century�Prohibition and the New Deal�and the Lost Cloud People of Peru. And cooks can astound their friends and frighten their families with hillbilly recipes like Doctored Back-of-Pig, �Nebriated Catfish, and Scorched Yellerbelly. Covering everything from super trains and water wars to 3-D television and the history of surfing, Uncle John�s Endlessly Engrossing Bathroom Reader is sure to make every visit to the throne room more memorable.
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