Thrill Ride (2013)

 4.24 (37 RATINGS)
ISBN: 1402282699
ISBN-13: 9781402282690
Published: April 2, 2013
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A race against time... Richard "Rock" Babineaux, disappears into the jungles of Costa Rica when he's accused of being a rogue operator. And although he's been working to clear his name, Vanessa's sudden arrival brings hell raining down on him in the form of government agents green-lighted to put a bullet in his brain. Turns into a fight for survival... The Black Knights' sexy communications specialist, Vanessa Cordero, doesn't believe the charges leveled against Rock. She's determined to bring him back into the fold. But instead of coming to his aid, she inadvertently leads his enemies right to his door. And explodes into steamy passion... Though Rock has sworn to keep Vanessa and her advances at bay, the danger hunting them means he's forced to keep her close. And when you combine adrenaline, flying bullets, and fraud that goes all the way to the top tier of government, what you get is a recipe for high-octane passion. Together, they must prove Rock's innocence or find themselves labeled America's Most Wanted.

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