Reforming a Rake (2000)

 3.25 (4 RATINGS)
ISBN: 0380809168
ISBN-13: 9780380809165
Published: 2000
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Setting: Regency England Sensuality Rating: 8 Lucien Balfour, the sixth earl of Kilcairn Abbey, is compelled by his father's last will and testament to launch his cousin into society. A confirmed bachelor and acknowledged rake, Lucien can barely tolerate his country cousin (let alone her obnoxious mother); determined to marry her off as soon as possible, he advertises for a finishing governess. Alexandra Beatrice Gallant is a highborn lady who has been forced to earn her keep as a governess and desperately needs employment. Nevertheless, when she realizes that the handsome man interviewing her is the notorious earl, she has grave misgivings about accepting his job offer. Indeed, it soon becomes apparent that Lucien is not only committed to polishing his cousin's social skills, he's also dead set on bedding the lovely Alexandra. Unfortunately for Lucien, Alexandra is as strong willed and levelheaded as she is beautiful, and although Lucien doesn't believe in love, he finds himself wanting to slay dragons for the gorgeous governess. For her part, Alexandra has increasing difficulty refusing the earl's kisses. Still, despite scandal and interfering dowagers, the biggest barrier to a happy conclusion is Alexandra's own self-doubt, and winning her hand will test Lucien's determination to the limit. Author Suzanne Enoch doesn't miss a beat in this charming Regency tale. The dialogue snaps with wit, the plot possesses interesting twists and turns, and the secondary characters are unforgettable, especially the horrid aunt. The heroine is intelligent and well educated, sensible as well as warmhearted, and is the perfect foil for the hero's cynicism and intellect. Reforming a Rake is sure to delight. --Lois Faye Dyer

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