Bury the Lead (2004)

 4.07 (15 RATINGS)
ISBN: 0446612863
ISBN-13: 9780446612869
Published: 2004
Pages: 320
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
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I watch sixteen football games over nine hours. It's an extraordinary accomplishment...With the remote secure in the palm of my hand, or more often resting on my chest, I am all powerful. I haven't missed an important play since the Carter administration. His streak of murder case acquittals made him a regular on cable talk shows. His recent $22 million inheritance bought him a dog rescue operation named after his beloved golden retriever. Now after turning down cases left and right, attorney Andy Carpenter feels like he's facing a midlife crisis. And just when he decides he needs some real work, a newspaper owner friend asks Andy to protect his star reporter. Daniel Cummings is being used as a mouthpiece by a serial killer...but the reporter gets way too close to his story when he's found near the murderer's latest victim. Quickly working to save what's left of Cummings's rep, Andy soon makes news himself when he starts receiving death threats-and moves dangerously close to becoming tomorrow's big obituary. -- From Amazon.com Product Description

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