Evil Under the Sun (1941)

 3.82 (11 RATINGS)
ISBN: 0002312824
ISBN-13: 9780002312820
Published: 1941
Pages: 224
Publisher: Harper Collins
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Agatha Christie: Hercule Poirot Murder Mystery. From inside the front cover: So Many People Could Have Killed Her! Was it her proud and reserved husband, who knew she was a adulteress? Or her strange stepdaughter who made voodoo dolls and stuck pins in them? Or the religious fanatic who was tortured by her beauty? Or the young man who was so obviously in love with her? Or any one of the women who had, or thought they had, reasons to wish her dead? "Going to give us a hand, Poirot?" asked Chief Constable Weston. "You would permit it, yes?" "Delighted to have you, my dear fellow." So Hercule Poirot, the estimable Belgian sleuth, interrupted his holiday to work with the local police, and EVIL UNDER THE SUN is an account of one of his most fascinating jobs of detection. It was originally published by Dodd, Mead & Company, Inc. From the back cover: Arlena Marshall's appearance on the beach had all the importance of a stage entrance. She wore a simple backless white bathing suit and every inch of her exposed body was tanned a beautiful even shade of bronze. Her hair was a rich flaming auburn. The whole effect was of superb and triumphant vitality. Arlena's face had a Chinese immobility and there was an upward slant to the dark blue eyes There was something about her which made every other woman on the beach seem faded. And which drew the eye of every male. The Reverend Stephen Lane turned to Hercule Poirot and said: "That woman is evil through and through. Don't you fell the presence of Evil all around you?" Slowly, Hercule Poirot nodded his head. Two days later that beautiful body was a corpse, sprawled on a hidden and deserted beach-strangled! -- From Amazon.com Product Description

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