Elephants Can Remember (1972)

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ISBN: 055335017X
ISBN-13: 9780553350173
Published: 1972
Pages: 198
Publisher: Bantam Books, Inc.
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Agatha Christie: Hercule Poirot Murder Mystery. From the Jacket Cover Flap: Agatha Christie is at her superb best in this story of a cause celebre, a strange crime of the past that casts a shadow on another generation. At the time, the double suicide of General and Lady Ravenscroft had caused a flurry of headlines, but the case had been satisfactorily dealt with by the police and forgotten by the public. Fifteen years later, to her complete surprise, Mrs. Ariadne Oliver, the novelist, was asked to answer a startling question: had the husband killed the wife or the wife killed the husband? Because the answer concerned her goddaughter Celia Ravenscroft, Mrs. Oliver brought her problem to Hercule Poirot. What should she do? Against his better judgement, the astute little Belgian detective agreed to find the facts of the case. He did not suspect that he himself would become involved in the crime because of his interest in two young people who loved each other and wanted to marry. He did not foresee the places he would go, the questions he would ask, the activities in which he would engage, or the depths of tragedy he would plumb...And the Ravenscroft affair would take Mrs. Oliver on a quest of her own. Hers would be for "elephants," or rather for those remarkable people who, like elephants, could remember things that had happened long ago. The memories she was to collect-the bizarre, the sad, the wryly humorous-even the false ones, would give Poirot a clue to long guarded secrets and to the passions that had played such havoc with the destinies of the innocent as well as the guilty. Agatha Christie's admirers the world over look forward each fall to a new book from the international queen of crime writers. In 1970 Dame Agatha celebrated her eightieth birthday by offering her fans her eightieth novel, "Passenger to Frankfurt", a spellbinding spy story. In 1971 her mystery novel "Nemesis" was also on every best-seller list for many months. -- From Amazon.com Product Description
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