The Ice Dragon (2007)

 4.29 (7 RATINGS)
ISBN: 1599982870
ISBN-13: 9781599982878
Published: 2007
Pages: 191
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
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A wild Northern Ice Dragon and the girl who raised him save the life of a fierce, shapeshifting royal black dragon, only to have him save them in returnwith his love. Third book in the Dragon Knights series. When a royal black dragon falls under enemy fire, only the wild Northern Ice Dragon and his unlikely female rider can save him. Half wild, like the baby Ice Dragon she calls friend, Lana is a rare and powerful dragon healer. She saves the life of the royal black, only to learn this most sacred of dragons is half-man, able to shift from one form to the other at will. Roland is king of all dragons and humans in his land but hes far from home, mortally wounded, and his only refuge is the incredible woman who has saved his life and her young wild dragon friend. Lana is the purest form of magic to him, heaven to his senses in both dragon and human form. He knows almost from the first moment that he wants her for his very own. But a warlord plots in the north, seeking to kill the dragons, who protect the northern border, and overrun Rolands peaceful kingdom. Lana and her incredibly skilled Ice Dragon friend are the only ray of hope for the knights and fighting dragons of the Northern Lair. Just as Lana is the only love Roland will ever know. He can reunite her with her lost family, but can he win her heart and make her his queen? Warning, this title contains the following: explicit sex explained in graphic terms. -- From Product Description

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