Song of Oestend (2011)

#1 in Oestend,
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ISBN: 0857157477
ISBN-13: 9780857157478
Published: October 26, 2011
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Symbols have power... Aren Montrell has heard tales of the Oestend wraiths - mysterious creatures which come in the night and kill anyone who�s not indoors. Aren�s never had reason to believe the stories, but when he takes a job as a bookkeeper on the BarChi, a dusty cattle ranch on the remote Oestend prairie, he soon learns that the wraiths are real. Aren suddenly finds himself living in a supposedly haunted house and depending on wards and generators to protect him from unseen things in the night. As if that�s not enough, he has to deal with a crotchety old blind woman, face �cows� that look like nothing he�s ever seen before, and try to ignore the fact that he�s apparently the most eligible bachelor around. Aren also finds himself the one and only confidante of Deacon, the BarChi�s burly foreman. Deacon runs the BarChi with an iron fist and is obviously relieved to finally have somebody he can talk to. As their relationship grows, Aren learns there�s more to Deacon and the BarChi than he�d anticipated. Deacon seems determined to deny both his Oestend heritage and any claim he may have to the BarChi ranch, but if Aren is to survive the perils of Oestend, he�ll have to convince Deacon to stop running from the past and finally claim everything that�s his.
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