Cooked Goose (1998)

#4 in Savannah Reid,
 4.6 (5 RATINGS)
ISBN: 0758202059
ISBN-13: 9780758202055
Published: 1998
Pages: 320
Publisher: Kensington
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Savannah Reid is a large woman--with appetites, emotions, and attitudes to match. She loves to cook, eat, fight, and catch criminals. In G.A. McKevett's fourth book about her, Reid is working as a private investigator after being fired from the police force in the fictional California seaside town of San Carmelita. She's hired by a shopping mall to catch the "Santa Rapist," a man wearing a fake white beard who has attacked several women in the mall's parking lot. The first suspect who she disables with a hard kick to the Christmas ornaments turns out to be a legitimate store Santa helping out one of Reid's associates. The investigation goes downhill from there. Margie Bloss, the teenaged daughter of the obnoxious police chief who fired Reid, is a student in a self-defense class that Savannah teaches. When Margie is herself attacked and some of the town's cops begin to die, the focus of Reid's investigation switches to someone involved in law enforcement. The solution is no big surprise, but Reid herself is a colorful enough character to carry us along--especially when she adds tasty recipes to her bag of tricks. Other Reid stories in paperback include Just Desserts and Killer Calories. --Dick Adler -- From Review

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