Enemy Way (1999)

#4 in Ella Clah ,
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ISBN: 0812564596
ISBN-13: 9780812564594
Published: 1999
Pages: 352
Publisher: Forge Books
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Former FBI agent Ella Clah is now a Special investigator with the native police force. her brother, Clifford, a medicine man, says that her investigative skills are gifts from the spirits who guard and guide the Navajo, but Ella insists it's her training that has her honed her instincts.The Navajo are in turmoil. the tribal police are spread thin throughout the vast reservation, trying to rein in gang violence, murderous drunk drivers, and race riots.Ella's newest assignment is to solve the murder of an old friend's fiancee. Ella is shocked to discover signs of skinwalker activity in the woman's home--was her friend's fiancee a Navajo witch, a hereditary enemy of Ella's family.Ella must solve the murder, do something to stop drinking and driving on the Rez, and keep Navajo teenagers from killing each other, while trying to find and fight her oldest enemies. -- From Amazon.com Product Description

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