Changing Woman (2002)

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ISBN: 0812568702
ISBN-13: 9780812568707
Published: 2002
Pages: 384
Publisher: Forge Books
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In the Navajo tradition, Changing Woman represents life springing up from nothing. She is the ultimate hope of the world. She is Woman, who embodies all the mysteries of life.Changing WomanChange surrounds Navajo Police Special Investigator Ella Clah. The father of her child seems ready to be more of a father, though it will alter the rhythm of all their lives and may hurt his political career. Ella’s mother, Rose, has rediscovered her passion for politics and struggles to guide her people on the best way to walk in beauty.The Dineh seem to be ready to bring casino gambling to the Rez, despite the risk that the character of the Navajo Nation will be forever altered. Speaking eloquently against the proposal, Rose becomes a national celebrity.Ella has no time to think about how these changes will affect her and her two-year-old daughter. The Navajo Police Force is combating an increasingly violent wave of vandalism, always two steps behind despite their best efforts.Events come to a head with the terrorist takeover of a coal mine and power plant on the Reservation. Ella must keep the terrorists from blowing up the power plant—but how can she focus on being a cop when her daughter is missing? -- From Product Description

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