Earthway (2009)

#15 in Ella Clah ,
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ISBN: 0765317176
ISBN-13: 9780765317179
Published: 2009
Pages: 336
Publisher: Forge Books
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Ella Clah has found her place on the Navajo Reservation, in her tribe, her clan, and her family. She has seen the Diné at their worst—and at their best—as they balance the modern era with the traditional Navajo way of life. The Navajo are building a nuclear power plant on the Reservation. Though the tribe voted for the plant, there are those who believe that nuclear power is inherently dangerous—and particularly so for the Navajo, due to past uranium mining operations that contaminated land and water and sickened many Navajo workers and their families. A group of activists is determined to do whatever is necessary to stop the plant—assault, sabotage, domestic terrorism. When a fellow Navajo Police officer is injured in an attack aimed at Ella’s boyfriend, Ella vows to do whatever it takes to find the terrorists and bring them to justice. -- From Product Description

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