Touchstone (2007)

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ISBN: 0553586661
ISBN-13: 9780553586664
Published: 2007
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New York Times bestselling author Laurie R. King takes us to a remote cottage in Cornwall in this gripping tale of intrigue, terrorism, and explosive passions that begins with a visit to a recluse code-named . . . Once studied by British intelligence for his excruciating sensitivity to the world�s turmoil, Bennett Grey has withdrawn from the world�until an American Bureau of Investigation agent comes to assess Grey�s potential as a weapon in a new kind of warfare. Agent Harris Stuyvesant needs Grey�s help to enter a realm where the rich and the radical exist side by side�a heady mix of power, celebrity, and sexuality that conceals the free world�s deadliest enemy. Soon Stuyvesant finds himself dangerously seduced by one woman and�even more dangerously�falling in love with another. As he sifts through secrets divulged and kept, he uncovers the target of a horrifying conspiracy, and wonders if he can trust anyone, even his touchstone.
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