Flying Fur (2014)

 4.5 (2 RATINGS)
Published: November 7, 2014
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A small body and a mighty soul send Misty into the arms of the man she rescued before she had seen him. Misty is a hunter for the shifter Council who uses her small body to get into the cracks and crevices of prisons and habitats. She can go where others can’t and save those who had no other chance at freedom. After her time with the Council, she is free to pursue a life of her own, and she heads to the Crossroads without hesitation. It takes three weeks before her mate arrives, and just as she is losing hope, she is asked to take him on a tour. It isn’t love at first sight because he has seen her before. Samuel was captured and held in a collector’s habitat when a tiny creature landed on him and rode him to freedom. When that sugar glider turned into a stunning woman, he knew he was looking at his mate, but he was trapped in his feline form. Seeking her out became his goal and finding her was his great reward.

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