Snow Time for Love (2015)

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Published: January 1, 2015
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A Siberian tigress is given one last chance at a mate. The problem is he is fey, his people are jerks and the Crossroads etiquette is lost on him. The Crossroads declared nova unmatchable. After three weeks, it had been decided that she wasn’t going to find anyone there, not even close. Now, with the fey coming in to try life with shifters, she is called back and faces mating with a man who isn’t even her magical species. Reygaer is a fey architect who builds in ice and snow. The seers have picked him out as a good candidate for mating with a shifter. When he spots a tiger in the rafters of the arrival centre and she is ordered to take him on a tour, her reaction to his cooler body gets his attention. Nova craves cold the way Reygaer craves heat, and together, they make sparks fly across the Crossroads.

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