Hawking a Future (2015)

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Published: April 7, 2015
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Two beasts that won’t show their faces in one body built entirely of curves, Hayley is ambushed to the Crossroads where she meets the elf she never dreamed of. Being a shifter that doesn’t shift has left Hayley living a nice, normal human life. Her parents dumped her into the human system where she used her senses to keep herself safe, and it wasn’t until she was a teen that the full scope of her genetics was explained to her. Hijacked to the Crossroads, Hayley is bewildered by the shifter traditions and even more so at the elf who won’t leave her side. She tries to explain that she has two beasts that do not come out and play, but when their contact gives her enough energy, one of her animals makes her a liar. Tovin is a hunter by trade and enthralled with the lush curves of the woman who captured his focus the moment she arrived. Her first beast is a surprise, but it is the second that shocks him. Hayley has two beasts in her body, but is there room for an elf?

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