Defender (2004)

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ISBN: 0743493109
ISBN-13: 9780743493109
Published: 2004
Pages: 336
Publisher: I Books
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The aliens known as the Manti have been destroyed by Defender pilot Mei Kyoto when she helped the AI called Memory crash the moon into Manti-occupied Earth. The remnants of humanity that live on the Solar Colonies have been saved, but at the cost of their homeworld. Several years have passed and Kyoto has become a controversial figure. While some view her as a hero, others demonize her as the destroyer of Earth. Kyoto would like nothing better than to be an anonymous rookie pilot again, but without the Manti threat to keep the Solar Colonies unified, friction has developed between the human outposts. Detroit Adams (now a general and head of the Galactic Stargate Authority) has convinced Kyoto to use her celebrity status as a goodwill ambassador to the Colonies, in the hope of keeping them unified-or at least prevent open hostilities from breaking out.... Spun off from characters and events in the arcade classic, Defender: Hyperswarm tells the space-combat story of a military unit as they fight to defend their solar system and save the human race from alien invasion.
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