Feathers, Fur and Fey (2015)

 4.5 (2 RATINGS)
Published: July 2, 2015
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A griffin with one life to live chooses to share it with a dark elf who matches every step she makes. Maki has lived and tried to love, over and over again. As a griffin, she is privy to the memories of all the griffins who have come before. Every moment of their lives until they died in defence of others. The story is always the same. When she is called back to the Crossroads for the third time, she has only a flicker of hope that this will be the charm. Uhrl met Maki when she came to his nightclub. The shifter in his arms had sparked while they danced. His attempts to find out who and what she was met a sudden halt against her wards, but he knew that he wanted more. He had a name and a general location to give to the seers. They had to do the rest.

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