Stripes of Fury (2015)

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Published: September 8, 2015
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A zebra child of the fey horse lord finds her match at the hands of the lord of horses. Confused? She is. Born to a shifter in horse form, Nika has always had trouble dealing with family. Her mother’s herd cast them out because of the pedigree of Nika’s father. Fey shapeshifters are not acceptable genes. Keeping her heat at bay has taken up a lot of Nika’s energy, but she has no option. No other shifter will come near her because of what her father is. After a night of drinking with her paternal parent, she wakes in the Crossroads with a note pinned to her. She is going to stay there until she finds a mate. Markkios is familiar with Nika’s father, but when he is told that the trickster’s daughter is his ideal mate, he has to see it to believe it. The moment he meets her, he knows that her charm is genuine and her father only passed on his hair colour. It is a very good start.

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