Cooking Most Deadly (1996)

#4 in Angie Amalfi,
 4 (1 RATINGS)
ISBN: 0061043958
ISBN-13: 9780061043956
Published: 1996
Pages: 256
Publisher: Avon
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Although food writer and dilettante chef Angie Amalfi is ready to start thinking about cutting a wedding cake with her delectable homicide detective boyfriend Paavo Smith, Paavo's got other things on his mind—mainly, the grisly murder of two San Francisco women. While he combs the city for clues to the brutal slayings, Angie begins a quest of her own: searching for a little gem of a restaurant for a magazine review. She discovers three grumpy old men who make a mean marinara, but seem to know nothing about how to run a business. At least not a culinary business. As Angie deals with the diamond-in-the-rough eatery and her sisters' unwelcome wedding advice, Paavo's inquiry points to Angie as next on the killer's hit list. The ever-game Ms. Amalfi takes off her oven mitts to join the investigation. But Angie's leaping head first into the stewpot for sure—because a murderer with a vendetta is more than willing to give one nosy chef her lethal just desserts. -- From Product Description

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