Battlelines (2016)

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Published: June 15, 2016
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Adam Cain is an Alien with an Attitude... His Adventures Continue. The war with the Sol-Kor has finally begun, spearheaded by the revenge-seeking Hal'ic, whose massive fleet of 200,000 warships is commanded by none other than Admiral Andy Tobias. In the meantime, Adam Cain and his gang are stranded on Kor, trying to survive the battering the planet is taking at the hands of the Hal'ic. But soon they'll find their way to Silana, the second capital of the Sol-Kor, to where Queen J'nae has taken Panur, along with the prototype trans-dimensional starship the Najmah Fayd -- the Star Panther. The Hal'ic can win the war ... if Adam and his team are able to stop J'nae from building a fleet of dimension-hopping warships, which at the moment seems like an impossible task for our heroes. Now, as the greatest space battles in history become commonplace within this strange universe, it becomes a race against time. The very survival of the universe--multi-universes--is at stake. IfJ'nae can build her fleet then no one is safe. Her reign of terror willextend from the mountains of Kor, all the way to the blue skies ofplanet Earth. This is epic action, epic heroism and epic adventure on the grandest scale, with just the right mix of street-wise humor and realism you've come to expect from The Human Chronicles Saga. Come along for the ride. It's a rush!

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