Comforting Touch (2015)

#5 in Touch,
 4 (1 RATINGS)
Published: March 31, 2015
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One encounter changed them both. She discovered the lifestyle. He left it. Ten years later, they meet again. Chelsea Dunn is excited to start over in San Francisco. Her best friend Kayla lives there, and Chelsea gets a warm welcome into a new BDSM community. If only the man she's been infatuated with for so long was as welcoming. It's just her luck, really. She's never been able to connect with anyone enough to let her guard down fully, and it looks like that won't change. Rio Kelly has only recently returned to the scene, but he steers clear of emotional attachments. He's grown jaded and cynical over the years, and he's resigned himself to be alone. Even when he sees a ghost from his past. Even when that ghost is the very same girl who changed everything for him a decade ago. But can he stay away when she shows up at his play party with another Dom?

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