Scorched Earth (2016)

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Published: September 15, 2016
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What happens when Adam Cain--the Alien with an Attitude--gets really pissed off? Hint: It ain't pretty. The scorched earth in the title doesn't refer to the Human's homeworld. Rather it describes the path of death and destruction that Adam Cain and his team burn on their way from Earth to Juir, on a mission of revenge for the killing of one of his closest friends and to rescue those held captive on the distant planet. The aliens may have thought Adam was dangerous before. Well they haven't seen anything yet. This is a no-holes-barred action adventure, devoid of PC sensitivities, and giving full display to the animal side of Human nature. The bottom line: The aliens pissed off the wrong guy this time. Now in the face of overwhelming odds, Adam and his team fight through every obstacle and vanquish every foe on their way to victory. But victory won't come without a price this time...and a price almost too high to pay. Take a deep breath. You're going to need it. Because when Adam sets out on his scorched-earth campaign they'll be no time to relax. This is military space opera at its best, incorporating all the thrilling space battles, hand-to-hand combat, tactical maneuvers and political intrigue you've come to expect from The Human Chronicles. This is the book where it all comes together.

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