Area 51: The Truth (2003)

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ISBN: 0440237068
ISBN-13: 9780440237068
Published: January 1, 2003
Pages: 320
Publisher: Dell
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At last, we will learn the truth about humankind’s origins... But do we really want to know?The Ark of the Covenant...Excalibur...The Holy Grail... Finally, the world’s legendary artifacts have been unearthed, their secret powers revealed. Now, as the fate of Earth hangs in the balance, humans and aliens race for control of the final secret: the location of the alien mothership--our last best chance for survival. For Area 51 commander Mike Turcotte, the stakes are higher than ever...because the secret lies buried in the repressed memory of his former love, Lisa Duncan.Still battle-weary from alien wars that killed most of his Area 51 team, Mike is thrust into a final showdown--up against an alien army bent on total domination. With aliens in possession of the Final Option Missile codes, nuclear holocaust is a chilling possibility. The only bargaining chip is the mothership. For Mike, the questions mount: Can Lisa be trusted in a high-stakes swap to save the Earth from nuclear meltdown? Is he battling the real enemy? Or is the real enemy within? As the countdown begins, another shocking secret is revealed. At stake: our species, our future, our Earth. -- From Product Description

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