The Free Trader of Warren Deep (2016)

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ISBN: 1530179297
ISBN-13: 9781530179299
Published: February 21, 2016
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Following the civil war on the human colonized world of Cygnus VII, humanity and its creations rise again. Free Trader Braden and his mindlinked Hillcat are plying the trade routes of Warren Deep when things start to get hot. Giving events time to be forgotten, Braden gathers engineered (mutant) creatures to him for a trip south of the Great Desert where he hopes to find Old Tech that he can trade for untold riches. The more he learns about the ancients, the more he wants to learn. Along the way, he establishes a new ideal regarding trade and collaboration in the south where trust of strangers is unknown. Braden and his companions, a Hawkoid, a Hillcat, a Tortoid, and a female warrior find that some Old Tech still functions, with the potential to change their world for the better or worse, depending on what they decide

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