Last Species Standing (2017)

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Published: July 29, 2017
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It's amazing how quickly things can change, as Adam and his team go from heroes to hunted prey overnight. Having returned from the Andromeda Galaxy as conquering heroes, the team soon learns that the remaining Nuoreans in the Milky Way aren't too thrilled with the fact that the Humans destroyed their homeworld of Nuor. Now they're going to make Adam and his friends pay for it....with their lives. After placing an exorbitant bounty on the heads of each team member, nearly every creature in the galaxy becomes a hired killer, and all gunning for our heroes. It's something like six people against a megaquadtrillion, if that's even a number. Although Adam's never been one to run from a fight, this may be too much for even him to handle. Disappointed and feeling betrayed that the powers-that-be in the galaxy refuse to help him--fearing a resumption of the Nuorean War--Adam's left with no option other than to take matters into his own hands. He recruits a small group of allies to help him track down the renegade Third Cadre aliens who are sponsoring the bounty,believing that by eliminating the money source, the contract will be lifted. But no one knows where aliens are, and it's not healthy for Adam and his team to go from planet to planet looking for them. Unfortunately, they have no choice. It's a desperate game of life or death the Nuoreans are playing, with the odds stacked infinitely against our heroes. Yet Adam has a few aces up his sleeves, including his new-found mutant superpowers. But he's only one man against a galaxy. Still, I wouldn't bet against him....

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