27001 (2017)

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Published: April 12, 2017
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Genre: Pitch Black Welcome (interjection) : 1. A word of greeting, as to ones’ arrival at a destination. Whitlock ((noun) : 1. A subterranean fortress within the base of a mountain, housing slaves for the cruel use of Masters who have purchased them through an auction. For reference, see to the 24690 series as you will get to experience the world first-hand. Warning: THIS IS NOT ROMANCE . If you’re not sure what Pitch Black means, proceed with caution. The depth of darkness will vary throughout the series, but rest assure these are not your typical abduction stories. The content will go BEYOND the norm. Expect the worst of ALL situations. You’ve been warned. –A. A. On another note, each Welcome to Whitlock will be a standalone. UNLESS, you’re keeping tabs on Bram and Everleigh from 24690 and wish to follow their continuing story within these novellas. Happy reading.
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