Scarlet's Dilemma (2017)

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Published: December 8, 2017
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Mixed bloodlines and a surprising urge to find a mate drive Scarlet into the arms of the one male in the Crossroads bar that isn’t looking. Scarlet is content to be the product of two very different cultures and slightly oddball parents. She has her job, her home, and her family so why would she want anything else? The wild magic in her veins is looking for an outlet, and it wants to bring for the next generation. With no prospects in her area, the Crossroads is offered as a chance to find a mate, so Scarlet packs light and heads out to seek the man she hasn’t even thought about. Hiro is an architect doing design work for the Crossroads as he has for years. When he sees the lady with brilliant hair dismissing an eager suitor with the deft twist of her wrist, bringing the idiot to his knees, Hiro knows that he wants to find out what brought her to the Crossroads, even if he can’t offer it to her.

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