A Stranger's Touch (2002)

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ISBN: 0373790414
ISBN-13: 9780373790418
Published: 2002
Pages: 256
Publisher: Harlequin
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Dulcy Ferris has always had an active fantasy life...but fantasy has never come close to reality until she finds herself alone in an elevator with oh-so-sexy Quinn Landis. There's just one problem: Dulcy's engaged to marry somebody else. But before she commits herself to a passionless marriage, she can't resist indulging in her most secret fantasy just once....Quinn Landis can't believe his luck. Home for the wedding of his best friend, he's delighted when a gorgeous woman falls into his lap...and then jumps into his bed! But the next morning brings a few surprises. His friend Brad has disappeared...and Quinn's just slept with Brad's bride-to-be! Worse, he wants to again...and again! But first Quinn has to find Brad. Only then can he prove to Dulcy that he's the best man--in every sense.... -- From Amazon.com Product Description
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