Sofie Metropolis (2005)

 4.5 (4 RATINGS)
ISBN: 0765350998
ISBN-13: 9780765350992
Published: 2005
Pages: 288
Publisher: Tor Books
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Sofie Metropolis should be married. But when she caught her groom and her maid of honor carrying on with each other in the church, Sofie canceled the wedding. She took the honeymoon by herself, and she kept all the presents, including a small apartment building filled with just the sort of quirky tenants you'd expect in an old Queens neighborhood like Astoria. Sofie should be waiting tables--her father and grandfather have competing restaurants on opposite corners. Instead, she's a junior--very junior--private investigator at her Uncle Spyros's detective agency. Which means she finds missing pets and takes photos of people's spouses doing things they shouldn't.Sofie's life takes another unexpected turn when her latest cheating spouse case turns into attempted murder--of Sofie--and she's rescued by a dashing Australian bounty hunter. And there's a missing "vampire" to find, not to mention Sofie's mother's best friend's lost dog . . . . -- From Product Description

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