Submission (2006)

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ISBN: 0373792530
ISBN-13: 9780373792535
Published: 2006
Pages: 256
Publisher: Harlequin
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The French Quarter: when darkness falls, the games begin...The Game: SubmissionThe Players: Alan Chevalier, homicide detective. Molly Laraway, murder victim's twin.The Object of the Game: Give your lover all you've got...but take even more.When sexy Molly Laraway shows up asking about her dead sister's murder investigation, hardened detective Alan Chevalier tells her to go home and let him do his job. But with the oh-so-gorgeous lady saying she won't leave his side until he solves the case, he decides she could be useful to him--on the beat during the day, and in bed at night.Molly's no fool. She knows the tough-as-nails New Orleans detective spells trouble. But he's the only one who can track down the "Quarter Killer." Besides, something about this darkly attractive man makes her want a taste of danger. And she has no doubt that taste will only whet her appetite.... -- From Product Description
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