Bloodlines (2005)

#9 in Irene Kelly,
 3.5 (4 RATINGS)
ISBN: 0743444558
ISBN-13: 9780743444552
Published: 2005
Pages: 672
Publisher: Pocket Star
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Best-selling author Jan Burke's heroine, reporter Irene Kelly (Bones) returns in a novel that in less capable hands might seem like just another ho-hum story about the kidnapping of an infant who might or might not have been the child of a wealthy couple found dead under somewhat clouded circumstances. But it's really an intricate and involving story about hero worship--the affection of a cub reporter for his mentor, and the efforts of a young woman journalist who does them both proud by getting to the bottom of a two-decades old mystery; a bloodstained car buried on a farm and unearthed twenty years later, a dead nursemaid, and the missing heir to a fortune left by a couple who disappeared at sea the same weekend reporter Jack Corrigan was beaten and left for dead. Neither Corrigan nor young Conn O'Connor, his protégé, has ever unraveled the connection between those events, but with the discovery of the buried car that Corrigan believed to his dying day he witnessed disappearing under tons of dirt the night he was attacked, Irene finds herself following an old trail that may lead her right into harm's way herself. Bloodlines is one of Burke's best, a well-paced, deftly plotted mystery that will delight her many fans. --Jane Adams -- From Review

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