Revenge (2002)

#2 in Trinity,
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ISBN: 0732282802
ISBN-13: 9780732282806
Published: 2002
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers (Australia) Pty Ltd
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Only the Trinity can stop the vengeful god Orlac from destroying the Land. Yet the Trinity itself remains a mystery. Saved from death by a powerful act of Spiriting, Torkyn Gynt completes his healing in the sanctuary of the Heartwood. But the remaining Paladin are succumbing to Orlac, and time is running out. Tor sends his spirit companion Yargo to find the three mysterious Stones of Ordolt whilst he sets out on a dangerous mission to track down his enemy, Goth. But Tor's falcon, Cloot, is captured by pirates and he himself falls victim to slave ships. In Tallinor, Alyssa believes her beloved Tor is dead and must find the strength to forgive the King who ordered his execution. Meanwhile, the Paladin gather around those they protect, unaware that a new terror is emerging to threaten the Trinity and the Land... -- From Product Description
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