Blood and Memory (2005)

#2 in Quickening,
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ISBN: 0060747595
ISBN-13: 9780060747596
Published: 2005
Pages: 448
Publisher: Harper Voyager
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The fate of nations hangs in precarious balance as a young soldier urgently seeks answers to a sinister blessing . . . General Wyl Thirsk of Morgravia has seen his best friend slain, his sister tortured, and his mentor consigned to a certain death -- all at the sadistic whim of his sovereign, King Celimus. Now Celimus hungrily eyes the neighboring realm, Briavel, and its inexperienced Queen Valentyna, pressuring her into a doomed political marriage -- and thereby forcing Wyl's hand toward confrontation and treason, for only he can save the woman he loves from her hideous fate. But destiny will send Wyl far from the evil machinations of the despicable king. And as war threatens from the north, where the hated King of the Barbarians plots against the south, Wyl must find the mysterious bestower of Myrren's gift in a bid to control the curse that has thrown his life into chaos . . . and is intricately and terrifyingly woven into the future of three realms. -- From Product Description
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