To Fetch a Thief (2010)

 3.86 (14 RATINGS)
ISBN: 1439157073
ISBN-13: 9781439157077
Published: September 28, 2010
Pages: 320
Publisher: Atria Books
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Chet has smelled a lot of unusual things in his years as trusted companion and partner to P.I. Bernie Little, but nothing has prepared him for the exotic scents he encounters when an old-fashioned traveling circus comes to town. Bernie scores tickets to this less-than-greatest-show-on-earth because his son Charlie is crazy about elephants. The only problem is that Peanut, the headlining pachyderm of this partiuclar one-ring circus, has gone missing--along with her trainer, Uri DeLeath. Stranger still, no one saw them leave. How does an elephant vanish without a trace into the dark desert night? Some very dangerous people would prefer that Chet and Bernie disappear for good and will go to any lengths to make that happen. Across the border in Mexcio and separated from Bernie, Chet must use all his natural strength and doggy smarts to try and save himself--not to mention Bernie and a decidedly uncooperative Peanut, too. -- From Product Description

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