The Case of the Fan Dancer's Horse (1947)

#29 in Perry Mason,
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ISBN: 0345371445
ISBN-13: 9780345371447
Published: 1947
Pages: 45
Publisher: Fawcett
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*****It all begins with the fan-dancer's "costume" - what there is of it. When Perry Mason stumbles on the barely there accessories of an exotic performer, he sets out to do a good turn by returning the lost glad rags. But the attorney's discreet good deed brings more than one delectable dancer - and more than a little trouble - waltzing into his office. Two dazzling dead ringers each claim to be the same famed fan-dancer. And hot on their heels are a zealous ex-husband and a jealous would-be boyfriend. But the missing property all four are after isn't feathered finery - it's a full-grown horse! And when one of the men gets brutally murdered, Mason finds he may be dancing dangerously close to a killer . . . *****. -- From Product Description
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