The Case of the Sun Bather's Diary (1955)

#47 in Perry Mason,
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ISBN: 0345437888
ISBN-13: 9780345437884
Published: 1955
Pages: 240
Publisher: Fawcett
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THE NAKED AND THE VERY DEADThe blonde wandering nude at the Remuda Golf Club tells Perry Mason a strange story: While she peacefully sun-bathed near the course, someone made off with her Cadillac, her trailer, and all her belongings--including her precious diary.The woman blames the police, who suspect her of having stashed away nearly half a million dollars allegedly stolen by her father, who is now in prison. She swears that both she and her father are innocent. So who is bankrolling her leisurely lifestyle? Why is she so desperate to find her diary? And who, if not Mason's beautiful client, would murder a key witness? In a virtuoso courtroom performance, Mason exposes the staggering truth.THE ORIGINAL COURTROOM NOVELS -- From Product Description
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