The Case of the Long-Legged Models (1958)

#57 in Perry Mason,
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ISBN: 0345378768
ISBN-13: 9780345378767
Published: 1958
Pages: 184
Publisher: Fawcett
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The Case of the Long-Legged Models by Erle Stanley Gardner: A Perry Mason Mystery. From the back cover: "You'd like to see your father's murderer brought to justice?" Perry Mason said to pretty young Stephanie Falkner. "That's the second reason I came to see you." "The second reason?" "Yes. When Dad was murdered I inherited 40 per cent of the stock in his gambling casino in Las Vegas. There were four other stockholders, each with 15 per cent. The murder scared them, and the syndicate bought up shares of three of them. Your client, Homer Garvin, bought up the other 15 per cent. If we pool our interest, we have control. I want to see him." "But I thought you were engaged to his son," Perry Mason said. "Why can't you get to see him?" "Mr. Garvin is out of town. His secretary won't give me the time of day. I want to retain you." "I'll think about it. Where can I get in touch with you?" "you can't," Stephanie Falkner said as she glided to the door. "I'll call you tomorrow. In the meantime, please reach Mr. Garvin." -- From Product Description
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