The Case of the Beautiful Beggar (1965)

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ISBN: 0848804988
ISBN-13: 9780848804985
Published: 1965
Pages: 253
Publisher: Amereon Ltd
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The Case of the Beautiful Beggar by Erle Stanley Gardner: A Perry Mason Mystery. From the inside cover: Right place; wrong corpse. The cars made a procession down the road until they came to the Northern Lights Motel. A stretcher wagon was waiting to take the remains to the morgue for autopsy. Lieutenant Tragg walked over to the stretcher, took hold of a corner of the blanket and said, "This way, please, Miss Shelby." Daphne came up to the officer. Mason stood at her side, holding her arm. Tragg jerked back the blanket. Suddenly, Mason felt Daphne stiffen. She clutched at him, then gave a half scream. "That isn't Uncle Horace!" And at that moment Perry Mason's client in "The Case of the Beautiful Beggar", originally published by William Morrow and Company, became not a witness but a prime suspect for a charge of first degree murder. From the Back Cover: "Murder in itself won't help," Perry Mason said to Paul Drake and Della Street. "The conspirators will have to commit a murder they can blame on Daphne Shelby. We've got to find Daphne in order to protect her." "I've got men shadowing her," Drake said. The unlisted telephone rang and he picked it up. "Yes, hello Jud - What?" He listened for a full minute, then turned to Mason. "They've lost her. "Lost her!" Perry Mason exclaimed. "She gave them the slip." Mason shook his head."Now Daphne has really got herself in a jam. If she isn't on the square, the Court is going to feel that she is deliberately interfering. If she is acting in good faith, both she and Horace Shelby are in danger." "Paul, round up every man you can get. We've got to find her!" -- From Product Description
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