The Case of the Troubled Trustee (1965)

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ISBN: 0345392248
ISBN-13: 9780345392244
Published: 1965
Pages: 182
Publisher: Fawcett
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The Case of the Troubled Trustee by Erle Stanley Gardner is a Perry Mason Mystery. From the back of the book, and inside front cover: "You defend criminals, don't you?" Kerry Dutton asked Perry Mason. "Who's the criminal?" Dutton touched his breast with his left forefinger. Mason looked at his handsome visitor sharply. "You've been arrested or are out on bail?" Dutton shook his head. "I haven't been arrested. I came to you to keep from being arrested-for embezzlement." "How much have you embezzled?" "Looking at it one way it's a quarter of a million dollars." "From the facts as you tell them," Mason said, "I should pick up the phone and call the police." "May I tell the story my way?" It was a long story and Perry Mason grew more and more puzzled as he listened. "And what do you want me to do about all this?" Perry Mason asked. "Within three months," Dutton said, "the trust will terminate. I have to make an accounting at that time and turn over all the trust monies to Desere Ellis." "And I take it you're not going to be able to make restitution?" "Restitution?" Dutton said in surprise. "Why, I have the entire fund intact. I have simply kept the properties in my own name." Perry Mason regarded him thoughtfully for a full minute. Then he said: "Sit down and tell me exactly what was the idea." And that is how Perry Mason got involved in the case of an investment expert who embezzled $250,000 for benefit of his client-until murder complicated "The Case of the Troubled Trustee." -- From Product Description
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