Kat Scratch Fever (1997)

#8 in Kat Colorado,
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ISBN: 0425163393
ISBN-13: 9780425163399
Published: 1997
Pages: 355
Publisher: Berkley
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The pompous lawyer Kat Colorado works for orders her into his office immediately. "Yo, Carter," she says to him on the phone. "Yesterday I found a body, dealt with a hysterical woman, searched a house, got little more than three hours of sleep on an uncomfortable couch, and you're telling me to be in your office minutes from now?" Faced with this burst of logic and attitude, the lawyer backs down. (Wouldn't you?) Karen Kijewski's latest book about the former Sacramento, California, bartender turned tough, compassionate private eye is built from these same materials--a mysterious death logically probed and eventually solved, and an attitude toward life, love, and murder that manages to be acerbic, sensible, and totally sympathetic. Other books in this pungent series available in paperback include: Alley Kat Blues, Copy Kat, Honky Tonk Kat, Kat's Cradle, Katapult, Katwalk, and Wild Kat. -- From Amazon.com Amazon.com Review

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