Life Sentence (2005)

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ISBN: 0749081252
ISBN-13: 9780749081256
Published: 2005
Pages: 396
Publisher: Allison & Busby LTD
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An unidentifiable woman is found on a roadside - beaten into a coma and raped. The man who finds her, troubled by his inability to resuscitate her, spends hours at her hospital bedside, talking to the woman everyone calls Elise. Two years later Elise's condition is downgraded to persistent vegetative state - if the hospital takes her off life support, Elise's attacker will be guilty of her murder. Now, months away from retirement, Chief Superintendent Frances Harman has been assigned to investigate Elise's case. This is stacked on top of Fran's growing obligation to her elderly parents, a duty that takes her from Kent to Devon, and back, every weekend. Fran verges on overload as she takes on more and more responsibilities - her parents, Elise, the abduction of a child, the disappearance of her only witness, and the growing affection that she and her long-time colleague Mark Turner seem to share for one another. In a satisfyingly complex story of deadly crime, kidnapping, disappearance, and identity theft, can this warhorse of a detective beat the odds, the stress and the danger that may just be too much for one woman to handle? -- From Product Description

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