Retribution (2009)

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Published: 2009
Pages: 116
Publisher: Resplendence Publishing, LLC
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Three lonely souls find each other in the midst of an all out war between the shifters and the Hunters. Mother Earth gave Ryker Allen rebirth over a century ago, his main purpose to protect Mother's shifter children. Ryker has never begrudged his duties, but the loneliness is something he'll never get used to. Daniel was the King of the Coyotes until a mistake led to the decimation of his species. Alone and half-dead, he was taken in by a pack of wolf shifters as a pet for the Alpha's mate. When he's given a chance to live as an Alpha once again, he's reluctant to accept, afraid he's no longer worthy to lead. Hakan is the son of Father Sky. He was awarded rebirth over a thousand years ago to protect the Native American Bird Shifters. When animosity towards Native Americans escalated, Hakan's charges took to the sky permanently, leaving him without a purpose. He's lived his long life alone, waiting for the day he can once again serve his Father. Three men, three very different backgrounds, one thing in common. Loneliness. Can these three souls come together to form a family? -- From Product Description
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