Live For Today (2008)

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Published: 2008
Pages: 92
Publisher: Total-E-Bound Publishing
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Book twelve in the Campus Cravings SeriesLife has been good for Justin Nelson. With a big bowl game mere weeks away, the pressure is on. For some men, being stretched in two different directions might become too much, but not for Justin, he thrives on it. Trying to balance life with his long-time partner, Luc, and his duty to the team gives Justin a rush like no other.Luc Henley hates seeing the love of his life push himself. Every football season it seems to get worse as he watches Justin burn the candle at both ends. When he notices warning signs of a potential health problem, Luc begs Justin to slow down enough to see a doctor.After he ignores his lover's pleas, Justin is suddenly faced with a life-changing illness, and when he gives up, it's up to Luc, Justin's friends and players to pull him back from the brink of despair. -- From Product Description

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