Dead Silence (1999)

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ISBN: 0061012475
ISBN-13: 9780061012471
Published: 1999
Pages: 464
Publisher: HarperTorch
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Cries From the Past Fifteen years ago, the Hathaway brothers--Jed, 8, Matt, 6, and Danny, 4--disappeared along the banks of the Mississippi River. Except for the baseball caps they'd been wearing, the boys vanished without a trace. After an extensive investigation, the police ruled the brothers had drowned. Their mother believed otherwise. Convinced they were stolen, she still insists they are alive.Investigative journalist Alex Collier, anchorman of the Twin Cities' leading late news, is determined to reopen the case. Though he needs a big exclusive to boost his personal ratings, he wants to help the boys' family even more. As he plunges headlong into the past, Alex stumbles deep into a mysterious labyrinth of corruption, secrecy, and lies--a story far bigger and deadlier than he ever imagined. Now the experienced reporter isn't just risking his career.his life is on the line, too. -- From Product Description

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