Deadly Reunion (2010)

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ISBN: 0878393625
ISBN-13: 9780878393626
Published: September 1, 2010
Pages: 320
Publisher: North Star Press of St. Cloud, Inc.
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George Barclay would be the first to tell you that he is an unlikely hero, that he has never done anything remotely courageous in his entire life. A talented, respected television journalist, yes, but in most other ways an ordinary man, something of a social misfit at that: overweight, single, shy, ill-at-ease almost everywhere except in his newsroom.So how does he become the center of an intriguing mystery surrounding the rape and murder of a high school classmate almost twenty years before?A mystery that puts Barclay and those around him in the sights of a psychotic killer who has been hiding in the shadows of time. It is a story of teenage obsession, of a long-lost first love, and of Barclay’s efforts to find justice for a woman he hardly knew, justice that has eluded police for decades. All in the face of a professional crisis that could cost him and his colleagues their jobs, and their city the loss of a great television station. Say what you will about George Barclay’s shortcomings, but lack of determination—and courage—are not among of them. "Start spreading the news! Ron Handberg is back with a new dose of murder, mystery, and media intrigue." — Brian Freeman, author of The Burying PlaceNo author today captures the personality of a working newsroom the way Ron Handberg does. He is an old-school reporter for whom journalism is not a job, but a calling. There is a lot of passion in this book and its characters, but the chief passion is the drive to find the truth and tell it - long after the truth had been given up for dead.” — Don Shelby, Veteran TV Reporter/Anchor -- From Product Description

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