Wings of Change (2007)

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Published: 2007
Pages: 113
Publisher: Samhain Publishing, Ltd.
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One young woman could be the miracle that heals a dying dragon—and unites a family with her love. I Dream of Dragons I Lucia, born a lady in a foreign land, now waits tables for her keep. When she sees Sir Reynor wasting away, she storms the Castle Lair seeking help for the dying dragon. What she finds is a dashing rogue, a mighty dragoness, and a contrite knight who blames himself for his dragon partner’s injury. Marcus is enchanted by the foreign beauty and intrigued by her mission. Few women will go near dragons and fewer still can communicate with them. Marcus recognizes Lucia for the treasure she is and knows she is meant for him…and for Kaden. Kaden is wracked with guilt over the injury that has grounded the dragon—possibly forever. He knows Lucia is special, and he wants her. Lucia just might be the missing piece they all need to form a family. But with Reynor unable to fly, how can any of them be happy? To make this family whole, they need a miracle. And love—the greatest miracle of all. Warning, this title contains the following: explicit sex and ménage a trois. -- From Product Description

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